Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Cannes Lions 2008 Bronze Awards : NBA PLAYOFFS : FEAR

There Can Only Be One: Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal
There can be only one NBA Champion. Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal embrace fear. The NBA Playoffs begin April 19.
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Type Of Entry: Product & Service
Category: Entertainment & Leisure
Title: FEAR
Product/Service: NBA PLAYOFFS
Entrant Company, City: GOODBY SILVERSTEIN & PARTNERS, San Francisco
Country: USA
Advertising Agency, City: GOODBY SILVERSTEIN & PARTNERS, San Francisco
Country: USA
Executive Creative Director: Jamie Barrett
Creative Director: Ari Weiss (ACD)/Stefan Copiz (ACD)
Copywriter: Craig Mangan/Ari Weiss/Jamie Barrett
Art Director: Jack Woodworth/Stefan Copiz
Agency Producer: Tod Puckett
Account Supervisor: Tanin Blumberg
Production Company, City: BOB INDUSTRIES, Santa Monica
Country: USA
Producer: TK Knowles/Bart Lipton
Director: Dayton/Faris
D.O.P/Lighting Cameraman: Christophe Lanzenberg
Editor: Geoff Hounsell
Post Production: Lost Planet Editorial/EyeBall NYC
Animation: Visual Effects Company: Brickyard VFX/VFX Executive Producer: Kirsten Andersen
Other Credits: VFX Supervisor: Geoff McAuliffe/VFX Producer: Kirsten Andersen, Diana Young, Amy Appleton/VFX Artists: Geoff McAuliffe, Mandy Sorenson, Jimi Simmons,P

For the 2008 NBA playoffs, we developed a campaign that focussed on intense competition. Specifically, the intense competition that comes from the sixteen best basketball teams in the world battling for one championship. We travelled across the country shooting the top players from each of the teams that would advance to the playoffs. This gave us an extremely modular campaign that delivered new spots for each match-up that occurred as the postseason unfolded. This campaign also marks the first year that the NBA, TNT, ESPN and ABC all ran the same creative to promote the playoffs.

NBA Finals 2008 There Can Only Be One [All Version]

compilation of the "there can only be one" commercials

after 82 games
there's part of you that wonders if you anything left
if you have anything more to give
but somehow
from somewhere
you find it
you dig deeper
you have to
because if you don't
you go home

there's so many emotions at the end of the season
nobody likes to talk about it
but one of them is fear
fear that you've come this far
and it could all end
the dream
could die
but me
i like the fear
it means
i'm close
it means
i'm ready

i've dreamed about winning it all
since i was probably 9 years old
i remember seeing jordan win it all
i made up my mind right then
that was gonna be me
that i was gonna be part of that
some dreams fade over time
but not this one

we're gonna win
that's not me bragging
that's me believing
that's me believing
in myself
and my teammates
and trust me
you ask anyone who's ever won a ring
anyone who's ever been a champion
they believed too
we're not here to lose