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21/03/2007In the world of advertising awards, location quite often tends to be at the forefront of delegates' minds. Most never fail to disappoint, and there are none quite as colourful as AdFest held in Pattaya, Thailand. But with panel discussions and seminars from people including David Droga, Peter Souter, David Guerrero and Suthisak Sucharittanonta to name but a few, it's not just about location, location, location.The week itself was played out in true Thai style with everything happening in its own good time. Most comments from delegates leaving the seminars were positive, with special mention to Benjamin Palmer of the Barbarian Group, and David Droga of droga5, for their ability to catch and keep the attention of a jam-packed audience at the end of a very busy few days. As for the awards ceremony itself, with so many winners to celebrate, some suggested a bit more focus would have oiled the wheels somewhat though Prasoon Joshi of McCann Erickson Mumbai left a happy man, collecting the best directing and production design awards and a gold in category for the wonderful Happy Dent Palace spot. Hakuhodo Japan also scooped a gold in the automotive category and the best in show for Toyota Humanity. The Cyber Lotus demonstrated strong talent in the region, with best in show and a gold going to GT Inc. Tokyo for their impressive Integrated Big Shadow Project (see more here). Hakuhodo also excelled, as did ADK Tokyo for their addictive Pepsi Max Nex game (play it here). So it seems Japan is still leading the way in interactive advertising. With so many to mention you'll need to check out the complete list of winners on the ADFEST SITEOne of the highlights of the final night's awards was BBDO Asia's Young Lotus award. These young creative talents certainly got everyone watching (maybe that's because they were awarded first), and it seems there's no need to start panicking about finding new creative talent in the Asia Pacific region. The winners were creatives from Tokyo - Takayuki Nizawa and Masaya Asai. As reported last week on, the competition comprised of a three-day workshop in which 28 lucky young creatives from around the Asia Pacific region got to learn from the best. The project was a huge collaboration supported by BBDO Asia Pacific, to recognise the up and coming talent in the region.
There is far more to the Young Lotus competition than can be explained here, so to see behind the scenes films of the workshops as well as the other nominees and finalists check out ENTER THE LOTUS.The site should give you some indication of the work the creatives from Tokyo were up against, however the true winner and probably the most accurate way to sum up the Asia Pacific Advertising awards experience can be seen HERENo advertising festival would ever be complete without some photos from the frontline. Check out some of the faces of the week HERE.

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Enter The Lotus - The Winner from Tokyo

Mr. Takayuki Niizawa
Copywriter, Hakuhodo Inc

Mr. Masaya Asai
Art Director, TBWA/Hakuhodo Inc

Enter The Lotus - Short list (Beijing) 2nd

Mr. You Yin Wu
Copywriter, IdeaXIS International Communication Group

Mr. Yu Xi
Art Director, IdeaXIS Communication

Enter The Lotus - Short list (Manila) 3rd

Mr. Ryan Rubillar
Copywriter, TBWA/Santiago Mangada Puno

Ms. Maria Corazon Cruz
Art Director, TBWA/Santiago Mangada Puno

Enter The Lotus - Part 5

Enter The Lotus - Part 4 (The Work)

Enter The Lotus - Part 3 (The Work)

Enter The Lotus - Part 2

Enter The Lotus - Part 1


BBDO Asia will be hosting the Young Lotus Workshop at the Asia Pacific Adfest awards in Thailand next week. Now in its fourth year, the objective of the Young Lotus is to develop fast rising creative talent from across the region by extending/challenging their creative skills and exposing them to senior advertising talent.
This year BBDO Asia Pacific is launching an innovative approach to the Workshop. An approach that will see 30 young creatives from 15 different countries participating in the first reality based workshop of its kind, ever. During the 48 hours the creative development for the workshop takes place, the participants will be recorded and taped, leaving no part of the development process out. The ‘real’ process of each creative will then be observed and judged.
Inspiring the young talent at the Workshop will be Chris Thomas, Chairman & CEO BBDO Asia Pacific, Peter Souter, Deputy Chairman and CCO, AMV BBDO London, Suthisak Sucharittanonta, Chairman & CCO, BBDO Bangkok, David Guerrero, Chairman & CCO, BBDO Guerrero/Ortega, and Simon Bond, Regional Director, Proximity Asia.
Discover the Young Lotus in action and experience: The First Advertising Reality Show - Enter The Lotus at Adfest 2007.
For more information, visit


The organisers of the Young Lotus Workshop at this week's Asia Pacific Adfest awards have introduced a reality TV element to the competition.

The participants, comprising 28 of the most promising young creatives in Asia, will take part in a three-day series of workshops given by some of Asia's most respected advertising professionals. They will then be asked to produce a 60-second commercial and a panel of judges will choose the best three to be broadcast at the Adfest awards.

The reality TV element comes in the form of a crew of cameramen who will document the creative process of each of the participants, and their final output will be judged with the evolution from idea to final output taken into account.

BBDO Asia, which is co-ordinating the workshop, hopes to sell a half-hour programme to television stations in the area.

"The Young Lotus Workshop has always had a low profile at the Adfest awards," said Suthisak Sucharittanonta, chairman and CCO of BBDO Bangkok and one of the judges of the competition. "People never recognise what the young creatives are doing so we want to use the footage to engage everyone coming here so that they can recognise the young talent in Asia."

The brief for this year's competition will centre on the Thai resort of Pattaya, renowned for its beautiful beaches but more so for sex tourism. "It's about confronting some of the prejudices about Pattaya," said Chris Thomas, chairman and CEO of BBDO Asia Pacific, who is heading the panel of judges. "We want to show that there are some great things to do in Pattaya and that it's not just about go-go girls and bars."

The young creatives were selected after winning competitions in their countries.

"They've been exposed to some of the most experienced creatives and they are going through a 48-hour process of converting an idea into an end-product under the full glare of 1500 of the best people in Asia," Thomas said.

The panel of judges will consist of Thomas and Sucharittanonta, along with Peter Souter, deputy chairman and CCO of AMV BBDO London, David Guerrero, chairman and CCO of BBDO Guerrero/Ortega, and Simon Bond, regional director of Proximity Asia.

Enter The Lotus - Trailer

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