Tuesday, 25 September 2007

อ่านนี่สิ แล้วอย่าหลงไปกินที่นี่ล่ะ ข้าวผัดกระเทียมปีเตอร์ เหอๆๆ อ๊วกแน่ๆ

อ่านนี่สิ แล้วอย่าหลงไปกินที่นี่ล่ะ ข้าวผัดกระเทียมปีเตอร์ เหอๆๆ อ๊วกแน่ๆ

Hi All,

I believe some of you might know "AKIYOSHI" restaurant very well. It
is one of the popular Japanese restaurant in Bangkok which is located on
Sukumvit Road. You can get off BTS at Pra Ka-Nong station and walk about
5-10 mins.

The story I'm going to acknowledge all of you is personally the true
story that was happened on 15 May 2007. Believe it or not!! My friend (11
people) and I found the medium-sized cockroach in the fried garlic rice.
The very expensive restaurant, "AKIYOSHI" restaurant was responsible for
this circumstance by giving 10% discount for the person who had that bowl
(360 Baht per person + 10% service = 396 --> 10% discount = 39 Baht).

Unbelievable!!! The girl who looked like the manager but not actually
the manager talked to us quietly about this 10% discount so that other
customers would not be conscious about this situation. My friends and I
asked her whether the manager were informed about this issue. She replied
that she normally handled this situation this way (Don't you think it means
this "cockroach" thing is not the first time there??? and it keeps
happening again and again!!) How come!! Let's imagine that how many
customers who is truly the consumer will be affected unconsciously.

My friends and I requested this lady to talk with her manager, the
real manager. She replied firstly that she could handle this situation. We
stressed back to her that we really wanted to talk with her boss. She
replied secondly that her boss was sick and had already gone back home. We
told her that we were fine to talk to him on the phone. She said that he
was Japanese. We said that we are fine to talk with him by using English as
the means of the communication. You see!!! How tricky she was not to let us
talk to her manager!!! However this time she could not deny, and we could
eventually talk to him.

The manager were just like her. He talked to me that he offered the
10% discount. I replied that I came to your restaurant with the willingness
to have a dinner with my friends. We didn't expect to get any discount from
you, especially to eat the whole body of cooked cockroach. He said to me
without any courtesy that what did we want??? I easily answered that I
wanted justice.

We no longer wanted to be in this argument. We decided and told that
lady "You should go and bill us at the normal rate. We want nothing from
you, and we will find the way to handle this by ourself. We will surely
discuss this situation with the office of the consumer protection board. It
must be judged fairly. The only thing you have to do is to sign and accept
that it is your fault." When we got the bill. She charged at the normal
rate without any discount. We refused to pay, and went to the cashier that
we would pay once you signed. This time Both that lady and the cashier
refused to sign and there was no way for them to sign. We said that it was
OK if you didn't sign. We wouldn't pay. They threw away the bill and said
to us "Fine!! Up to you". We asked angrily that "if we won't pay, are you
going to sue us?". They said "No, but just want to remember that you ate
but didn't pay". We didn't wait for them to finish their sentence and
replied immediately "We could pay. You just need to sign". After we have
been pusing lots of pressure to make them sign, we went out of this
restaurant without any payment made. You think when they play unfarily, why
do need to care?

Before I end this story, I would like you all that what my friends
and I have been through is the true story. We don't intend to attack this
restaurant if we don't have enough proof. We didn't want this restaurant
takes advantage of us, and we cannot let them do it again to you. If you
don't want to be the next victim, please do not support them, eat at their
restaurant. Forward this email to your beloved friends. How is the world
moving without moral?

Best Regards,

Kullawat Jitmaneeroj [Bew]
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