Saturday, 6 October 2007

Please, help me!

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I'm an undergraduate in Psychology in Italy at La Sapienza University of Rome. I would like make degree thesis about advertising persuasive process and looking yours advertising videos in YouTube, I would like use, as example, "Wranger Energy Drink [Passion] " or "357 Energy Drink" as materials to administer to experimentel subjects about theirs mentel images. How and Where can I buy one of these drink bottles? Please, help me!!!
Last poossible have the words, in english, using in thailandia placard (advertisement sign) about the same energy drinks?
Sorry for inconvenience..and thank for all

Emanuele Marianecci

Dear Emanuele,
All of those requests that you have asked us, I'm not really quite sure what do you really after. IF you really looking for those kind of energy drink over in Italy, then I suggest that you can go and have a look around China town in Italy that will be a good place to start. Beside that, I think you can go to this website This is the website which you can find most of the energy drink that might help you out with your project. If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are gladly help you out to finish your education and hope that this imformation may enlight your way.

Kindly regard,
The Director of Dragon Won

Assistant Director.
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