Saturday, 6 October 2007

Dennis Post Production Office

Dear Aum
Thanks for working with us, hope you enjoy! Please say thanks to Tony too! Remember to drink the tea and let me know once you finish the medicine, I will bring over next time to Bangkok or mail to you!
Best Regard

Dennis Yeung

T:852 25779988
F:852 25779984
M:852 92699849

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Dear Denis,
Please excuse my delay in answering your E-mail.Just a note to let you know that your hard work for PCCW tech workshop.Your cooperation you have exteded is sincerely apprecited.
By the way I drink your tea and Tommy Chinese madecine everyday.My heartfelt thanks.It will remind me me how nice friend can be.Thank you so much for you and Tommy for your genrous thoughts.

Speaking human being,

Aum and Tony

親愛的丹尼斯, 請辨解我的延遲在回答筆記告訴您的您的E-mail.Just 您的堅苦工作為PCCW 您有的技術workshop.Your 合作exteded 是懇切地apprecited 。我順便說一句喝您的茶並且托米中國madecine everyday.My 衷心thanks.It 將提醒我我怎麼精密朋友罐頭be.Thank 您非常為您和托米為您的genrous 想法。
講的人, Aum 和托尼

Say sorry I just learn Chinese Language....

Ex Sample

You naughty boy!
本???????, 私達?友人???私?私?美??、???私?性????時間?今?????知????。
Enjoy !

Dennis Yeung

T:852 25779988
F:852 25779984
M:852 92699849