Thursday, 27 February 2014

Touching Photo Series of Adopted Shelter Animals and Their Rescuers


Touching Photo Series of Adopted Shelter Animals and Their Rescuers

How much can adopting a pet really change your life? Why We Rescue is a touching, year-long photo series shot by Theron Humphrey (of Maddie on Things) and put on by Purina One that traverses across all 50 states to highlight the happy, everyday stories of adopted shelter animals. Many people associate shelter pets with poor health and behavioral problems, so the project aims to change the way people think, instead opening their eyes to the way shelter animals can be loving, devoted companions.

On the Why We Rescue website, you can get to know the people who adopted shelter animals, listening to where they were born and raised, what their parents did when they grew up as well as when animals first came into their lives. Listen a little further and you'll hear the sweet and very personal story about when they first met their current companion.

Theron does a great job in capturing photos of, not just the animals and their owners, but the homes they all live in. It's a beautifully intimate series that is guaranteed to touch your heart.

Why We Rescue website

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