Friday, 21 March 2014

Suor (Sister) Cristina Scuccia "No One" The Voice Of Italy Blind Audition

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Suor (Sister) Cristina Scuccia "No One" The Voice Of Italy Blind Audition:

Singing Nun Suor (Sister) Cristina Scuccia on The Voice of Italy - IT Serie 2 Blind 2. TEAMJ AX,
Sister Cristina Scuccia is a young 25 year old woman, originally from Sicily but living permanently in Milan. She is an Ursuline nun of the Holy Family. Since childhood she dreamed of being a singer. In 2008 she began to practice the art of singing when she found by accident the Ursuline nuns who had organized a musical group.

Shy Sister Cristina Scuccia was pushed by her superiors to participate in The Voice of Italy 2: "This is now my mission!". Sister Cristina Scuccia performed the song "No One" by Alicia Keys and managed to get all four coaches to press their buttons! The first to have pressed the button was J-Ax, soon after comes the "yes" of Naomi. Raffaella Carra and Pelù.

After her performance judge Raffaella Carrà asks her: "How did you end up on The Voice?"

"I have a gift and I'm giving it to you," replies the contestant.

"If I had found you at mass I would always be in church," joked another judge, the Italian rapper known as J-Ax. "You and me are like the devil and holy water."

When asked what the Vatican would think of her performance on national television the nun replies: "I hope that Pope Francis will call me now."

Viewers were also wowed by the performance, with some saying it helps to bring the Catholic Church "closer to the people".

Maurizio Rossi only stumbled across the show last night because his son was watching it.

"I thought she was strongest contestant of the lot," he told The Local.

"I liked the song she sang and she sang it very well. It's 2014, why shouldn't a nun take part in such a contest? If she likes to sing and it makes her feel good, then good for her."

Giovanni, who runs a newspaper stand in Rome, told The Local a nun taking part "is not something absurd" and also shows that the Catholic Church isn't so "closed".

"I think it's really nice," he said.

"And it shows an affection and closeness to the people."

Giuseppe Palozzi, who works in a furniture shop in Rome, agreed.

"I don't watch the show but I heard a nun was taking part," he said.

"I think this reflects that the Church is not as rigid as it was before - maybe Pope Francis is helping it to be more open."

Meanwhile, Twitter has been abuzz with the hashtag #suorcristina.

"Sister Cristina I remember so well my religion teacher from middle school, Sister Natalia, who was much less nice!!" tweeted @stefyorlando.

At the end of a hearing, Sister Cristina decided to choose the Team J-Ax.