Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Aum The Honest Director : Biography

SUVINIT PORNNAVALAI : The Honest Director Sky Exits Films, Bangkok : Biography:

สุวินิต ภรณวลัย
Suvinit Pornnavalai AKA AUM Sky Exits.
AUM started his career working as a props master on the documentary film called "The Legend of Christian in Thailand" (1980).In 1981 AUM joined with the local production house Pearl & Dean as a props master and worked as the props master on the German feature film "Off the road" (Von der Straße) (1982), filmed in Thailand.

From the middle of 1982 until the middle of 1983 he worked as an actor, scriptwriter and costume designer for the TV program Children's Village.

While he was earning his degree in Journalism and Mass Communication at Thammasat University, he also actively participated in the theatre. Aum played the lead roles in a variety of productions including … Tz'u-Hsi T'ai-hou (慈禧太后), Macbeth, and West Side Story. A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Thai Dance) was performed in Bath, England.
1983 he joined Rain Tree. While at Rain Tree, he worked as a props master and assistant director filming primarily music videos where he produced music videos as Props Master, and Assistant Director.

After he graduated in 1984, AUM produced a series of TV Programs including Tension Killer, Angel fell from Heaven, The Cleaner and D.J. with a company called Nite Spot Production.
He started his own Production House called AUM Films Production in 1984. AUM Films Production started with a small budget TV Commercial in 1984. He ran this company for 18 months until he decided to open a different company. AUM opened a T-shirt Company called Sky Exits for 6 months. At this point, AUM realized that he should work in the field in which he knew best. Ever since that realization,AUM has been extremely active in the film industry.

In 1986 AUM was back again in the director's chair for Sky Exits Films (Sky Exits also became the name of his production company) as the Founder & Director.
While he was working hard he also joined the Hollywood feature film called Off Limits as a member of the cast as a VC Taxi Driver in 1988.

1997 was a breakthrough year for AUM and Sky Exits. Sky Exits was nominated multiple times for its work on several commercials at the Cannes Festival. Unfortunately, none of the commercials nominated won anything. AUM was devastated, and stood outside the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Cannes in tears.

However, in 1999 AUM and Sky Exits bounced right back. Aum’s work had garnered international attention. Sky Exits was ranked 9th in the world as The Most Awarded Production Companies in the world from the prestigious Gunn Report. AUM was ranked 5th for the Most Awarded Director in the world from the same organization.

AUM has been extremely active in films ,as well as a variety of other activities.

AUM still has the dream that will resemble the Cannes Lions Film Grand Prix even how hard shove it. But AUM knows that “Good things come to those who wait” like the Guinness’s Slogan.

"Impossible is nothing….Yes we can…"