Friday, 18 February 2011

Volkswagen: The Making of "The Force" Commercial

Bloopers and deleted scenes from Volkswagen's "The Force" commercial.

0:07 EPIC!!!

HaCkDoO 2 hours ago
may the force be with u, lil kid

yhgwy425 5 hours ago
Sweet lmao!!! That dog is a Jedi...

darkkjedii1 5 hours ago
His Midi-chlorians is off the chart.

AEMZERO 6 hours ago

brinam29 6 hours ago
aww, i like the triumphant, bow to vader ending better

SpiritTHIRTY1 7 hours ago 3
Srong with the force young Max is...

yodaknows900 7 hours ago
dog don't give a damn.. haha..

avaroses 7 hours ago
lol he threw a baby i wish i could have that power

mrbobshowful 9 hours ago
love the doll scene at the end

sparkymarky68 9 hours ago
One of my favorite commercials during superbowl.

xDamaritax 9 hours ago

NordicZombie 11 hours ago
LMFAO....just found the making of, god that kid is bloody funny. Best commercial ever.

proudofmycity 12 hours ago

anampalm 15 hours ago
So funny!!!

karyjanelle 15 hours ago
echt cool

eeeTutor 18 hours ago
haha this video is the bomb.. that kid is just to cute!!

kanalu808 1 day ago
la parodia de dark veider

jesus40652 1 day ago
@peubank..... The kid is 6 year old Max Page.

tarrat55 1 day ago
so cute :)

MarinaLovesMakeup 1 day ago
Chad vader should make a spoof of this

krazymonky101 1 day ago

L20FILMS 1 day ago
who is the kid?

peubanksbarrow 1 day ago

Maliknuts 1 day ago
0:33 - 0:42 Darth Vader vs. a woofie....

carina2244 1 day ago 4
they need the tomtom yoda voice into this ;)

peterhayabusa 1 day ago
i love the parent bowing down hahaha

anmepa93 1 day ago
haha great scene with the automatic vacuum in the background

8585cs 1 day ago 2
fantastic vid :)

adolfze 1 day ago
slightly disturbing at 0:54 lol

Ruellibilly 1 day ago
I love the ending with the parents bowing! They should have kept that in the final version! I can't ever remember liking a commercial so much!

nightsky80 1 day ago
Vader is too good for high fives.

twkidd 1 day ago 3
@kurimawka1 It's a mixture between facebook and youtube, the seventeen people that work there are posting "pocodot" on high rated videos in order to have more subscribers.

edpantous 1 day ago
i want him:( as my child!>:/

alehhergaderg 2 days ago
i want him:(

alehhergaderg 2 days ago
Pushhhhaw I would own this kid I'm stronger with the force ;D

HAYD3N1000 2 days ago
Wish my parents loved me like that lol jk

hellsgates18 2 days ago
Hahaha cute

jrgerlach 2 days ago
around :25 the kid does not realize he is moving the vacum cleaner

lolboyish 2 days ago 4

Dwfradsk8r 2 days ago
this_guy_is_HILARIOUS_search_f­or_"Joe Terino Kesha"

Boessneckpo3 2 days ago
haha VW is an german car [Deutschland!!!!!]

mcstehlampe 2 days ago
awww.. so cute!

doywafa 2 days ago
Just Great! genius!

loui01 2 days ago

faune 2 days ago
Obvio el exito de este comercial,....ya que es: STAR WARS!!!

darthfexx 3 days ago
Excelente comercial, tiene esa chispa que otros comerciales no tienen muy buen trabajo. Excellent .

bayimaccus 3 days ago

Hoe do u no it's a boy?? It cud b a gurl

Emmazdilemmaz 3 days ago
@Emmazdilemmaz It's a boy. His name is Max Page, he's six, and he has an uncanny resemblance to Mark Hamill, a.k.a. Luke Skywalker.  Just putting it out there.

SuperGamer87 3 days ago 2
@SuperGamer87  uncanny!! is right! the boy has the look for sure!....

cheaphomemademoives 3 days ago
@SuperGamer87 OK, can Lucas redo Episode I now with that kid who has some real talent? ;)

SilverbladeGR 2 days ago

Hiro4476awsome 3 days ago
I loved the ending. That was definitely the best super bowl commercial this year

Lumophage 3 days ago 3
Why does he have PINK room???

tolkina 3 days ago
@tolkina is his lil sister duhhhh lol

chefmc124241 3 days ago
Da force is with that tiny 9yr old!

Sandeep2493 3 days ago
Took the scare right out of Vader.

Laurencia7 3 days ago
They should have used that 0:21

hugofoli123 3 days ago
haha nice!

gugge96 3 days ago
And dad thinks he turned on the car...

GameFreak062397 3 days ago 2
0.54 Epic move!

Fanourius 3 days ago
was it just me or did no one else hear the engine start??

just the lights flashed, but i heard no ignition :?

Korndog88 3 days ago 2
Volkswagon does it again

Great Ad

Snakypaintbrush 3 days ago

Kexx93 3 days ago 31
show me one guy who uses the force to play with his dolls.

She definitely is one of the first Star Wars Girls ;)

surferriness 3 days ago
I find your lack of height disturbing....

244Ry 3 days ago 26

Mandude1986 23 hours ago
@244Ry I find also mother's lack of faith disturbing... :D

Shannariano 9 hours ago

altagolfer 3 days ago
voll süß^^

saske1305 3 days ago
omg hahahaha i love this little guy!!!!

wwwmarvandcashcom 3 days ago

HansWurst24798 3 days ago
last was best xD

IceJayB 3 days ago
director's cut xD

D2jspOFFICIAL 3 days ago
Por mis cojones que este va a ser el video mas visto, junto con el anuncio original...

Que te den por culo justin biber o como se diga!

xixou1 3 days ago
95 people don't feel the power of the dark side

hugofoli123 3 days ago
Definitivamente el mejor comercial que he visto en mucho tiempo! Debieron haber incluído el final con la reverencia de los padres y la muñeca levitando en el comercial original.

Definitely the best commercial I've seen in a long time! They should've included the end with the parents bowing and the levitating doll in the original commercial!

normitapr1234 3 days ago
Father,I am your father.LMAO

TheMuaz28 3 days ago
95 people DIDNT LIKE the sandwich their parents made them !

This looks more like the deleted scenes than "the making".

obiwanpr 4 days ago

TransporterEurope 4 days ago 5
how could you not love a mini darth vader!?!?!

ronnietheturtle22 4 days ago 3
Love the fact that he doesn't see the Roomba behind him at 0:26

patrickomalleyy 4 days ago 3
me likey hehehe

fatcookiesftw 4 days ago
This is way better than the original... LMAO

Smith8Wesson 4 days ago
little vader is a QT <3

QTpictures 4 days ago
95 dislikes are the marketing specialists from GENERAL MOTORS ....

icelinx 4 days ago
@ 0:44-0:45

Kid: No time for high five, Dad! I have more urgent things to do!


Just love these kids. Max and Aidan, both of you did an amazing job! And of course the team behind this epic commercial, well done.

dassajackley 4 days ago 2
The dad FTW!

HolyMarluxia 4 days ago
cant believe 95 dont like this.. o.O

Princess87Yuna 4 days ago
Somehow, the gender coding of Darthy-kid slipped my mind when watching the actual spot. Will they bring this material in an additional stoker spot? You never know...

eigensinn83 4 days ago
00:26 behind you!!!

RCD608 4 days ago
The best ever!!!!

tirecheck 4 days ago
It is a pity they got rid of this kid kicking the washing machine

marekmaxpabianice 4 days ago 2

bbisbless 4 days ago

thegabbyzazaza1 4 days ago
LOL...Way too funny!! Love it!!! :o)

no1naillady 4 days ago
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no1naillady 4 days ago
For a six year old (who has never even watched Star Wars) his comedic mannerisms and hand gestures were simply spot on. Good on you Max!

dwcchow 4 days ago 5
Haha i laughed that was good!

MRpineINCHnenis 4 days ago
cool wäre noch, wenn am Ende die Türen beim Auto aufgehen, oder es zu schweben beginnt,.... solche Tricks kann ich auch mit ner automatischen Schiebetür z.b.

Shantiyxc 4 days ago
this one is funnier

TaYLoRBReaKouT 4 days ago

2506Nir 4 days ago
We don't learn anything from the shooting... This is not a making of!

Patounathon 4 days ago
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Trexmaster12 4 days ago 82
@Trexmaster12 noooooooooooOOOOOOOOOO! it's impossible NOOOOOOOOOOO lol

entaroduai 4 days ago
lol so funny

rogernator5000 4 days ago
Even better than the original commercial. Love that the parents "bow down" to the kid to play along...makes a nice statement about letting kids be kids and encouraging their sense of imagination. And the music could make any montage better.

Silver5478 4 days ago 54
@Silver5478 damn dude this is so fucking true.

YODAvid 4 days ago
lol this better

D2jspOFFICIAL 4 days ago
Cute. This kid's actually pretty funny

richardboy316 4 days ago
HAHAHAHA awesome!

SeaLightEditor 5 days ago
did anybody else noticed the kis is a girl? This is obvious in a lot of scenes!

Likodemus 5 days ago
@Likodemus Uhh nope this kid is a boy.His name is Max Page.He was around six years old when he filmed this.He did have a heart defect at birth which might make him seem smaller.

rtds9fan 5 days ago 3
@rtds9fan Wow. Yeah! I saw the interview and he is a dead ringer to Mark Hamill! I still wonder why he has a girl's room, though.

Likodemus 4 days ago
@Likodemus maybe it's his sisters room or something?

ZidaneVictor 4 days ago
@Likodemus Like all brothers and sisters they mess around with each other's toys... can't think the room was his... hehe...

Best commercial ever, I have seen it tons of times... :))

Flecha57 4 days ago
@Likodemus thats wierd, cause ive seen interviews with this BOY

xxxHiHaterzxxx 5 days ago
It's so easy to impress people. -.-

juniorudi18 5 days ago
hehe, ty mr. volkswagen this was really funny.

Cartho8236 5 days ago
You can clearly see the string at the end, which makes the puppet fly.

TheStreifenpullover 5 days ago
This was stinking hilarious!!! The parents and the doll at the end are priceless. They should totally redo the commercial or add one and release it. I laugh every time. Who cares about the car...really?? The kid's mannerisms are perfect!!

TexasCC100 5 days ago
I love the ending - trashes his sisters doll with no respect.

WesternSandgroper 5 days ago 2
so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cmechanized 5 days ago
So cute.

tarrat55 5 days ago
best comercial ever

Diego65077 5 days ago
that was fun at the end when the kid force the doll

edh1010 5 days ago

Why didn't they keep the parents bowing in the commercial?! That was brilliant!!! xD

luigi55 5 days ago 5
melhor anuncio e melhor cirança dos ultimos tempos! fato!

pombamor 5 days ago
Trial and error but finally he can move objects

kingatowning 5 days ago
lol. the parents at the end! :D

StudentCommunity 5 days ago 6
This kid does a damn good job visually acting this out, as minimal as it is.

23Jarek23 5 days ago 3
@23Jarek23 right? must have agents crawling up his butt now...

laylabizp 5 days ago
its better than the original commercial hahahaha

hakso123 5 days ago
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ewarman75 5 days ago 35
@ewarman75 Maybe they clicked on the wrong icon, or maybe they have no sense of humor, or maybe they are just loney miserable dumb asses... hehehe.

I loved it... but of course the commercial was perfect as it was... :))

Flecha57 4 days ago
@ewarman75 ford marketing division

spidlenexor 4 days ago
This is brilliant advertising. I could watch that child all day long. Loved seeing the "outtakes".

carina2244 5 days ago 9
I wanted to see the boys face =( nevertheless this is epic

EGON65 5 days ago
really cute! <3

poob4633 5 days ago
Vdub in da house!

3456633234546 5 days ago
I think the roomba and parents take should have made it into the final cut.

Guibsx 5 days ago
the roomba is hysterical

compasslake 5 days ago
LOL at his shuffle @ #t=37s

NsOilFan 5 days ago 3
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NsOilFan 5 days ago
Why did they take out that parents scene? It would be epic :P

TheBlueGorillaBoy 5 days ago
THIS!  IS! A DESTINY..........

ryoji3001 5 days ago
LOL @ him trying to throw the doll across the room!

Debutante24 5 days ago
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Lotthawottha 5 days ago
i love the parents at the end.

ZappTechTV 5 days ago 7
LOL best part 0:26 ;D

AyoriusSmith 5 days ago 4
wow ... the final version is MUCH better ... MUCH ... thank god this is not the final

1Drummer88 5 days ago
@1Drummer88 They are bloopers and deleted scenes.... they were never intended to be included in the final commercial...

buttface112211 5 days ago
dammit i want to see the kid's face!

cuzimnotlaughing 5 days ago 7
Strange the ways of the force are.....

vsouliotis 5 days ago 4
Comment removed
abroad526 5 days ago
0:17 when the kid tripped.. i'm not trying to be mean or anything. it was just really funny! and 0:21 he even kicked the washer! wahahahaha! :D

kourikamia 5 days ago 4
sooooo funny! cute kid! and i like the end part better than the actual commercial! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha­hahahaha *bows to the Dark Vader!!*

kourikamia 5 days ago
I almost choked on my sandwich, hahahhahaha...this is awesome

mrmokhzani 5 days ago 7
the end of this was unsatisfying.

RawrRufus 5 days ago
@RawrRufus this was the "making of" edition....the real commercial used is quite different....look it's on this very site =)

slimjimmy149 5 days ago
This is the Best! Almost better than the actual commercial. I love the end the best especially the part with the parents.

TheHellspawn0666 5 days ago
87 people have fallen to the force

KARAN4442 5 days ago
I love the parents part... can't stop replaying this commercial.... best commercial ever....

wooichenng87 5 days ago
he's the cutest kid i've ever seen

delamoritacecy 6 days ago 2
Dude, this was better than the original!

ImJustSayin2014 6 days ago 3
wow they cut the original footage alot.

patiswatching 6 days ago 2
Kid is adorable dude

KIDBUU369 6 days ago 4
how did the baby fly

TheSammyLV 6 days ago
lol the white plate was actualliy moving at 0:27

Sh4wn1337 6 days ago
@Sh4wn1337 hehe it's a roomba

ahhduy 6 days ago
Volkswagon!!!! I am your father!!!

haponte202 6 days ago 2
the parents part is the funniest of all...

wooichenng87 6 days ago
@wooichenng87 riiiight?! lol

Krismetics 6 days ago
screw the person who played darth vader this kid should have got the part!!!

Pokefinch27 6 days ago 4
@ 0:43 mini lord helmut says "outta my way, beotch...I got a car to start" !

Korndog88 6 days ago 4
And I thought that the original was funny!

burkejedi 6 days ago

damnielnunes 6 days ago
if there were endless takes...I would watch them all !!

commoquestion 6 days ago 12
cant believe 25 million viewers didnt see THIS video

RaynardES 6 days ago 98
Which agency made this? And have they been given the rest of the year off? Trust me guys it's gonna be hard to better this.....unless.....use the force - you use the force!

Bachanboy 6 days ago

oliver2244 6 days ago

awsomedudejacob 6 days ago 5
aww they shouldve included the parents' bow at the end... :(

Lievcocijo 6 days ago 3
@Lievcocijo AGREED!

Kl4pp5tuhl 6 days ago
i love this! I cracked up when he falls in the laundry room

ominousdusk 6 days ago
Aidan Lewis and Max Page - may The Force always be with you! You two are awesome! And kudos to the creative guys who thought up this great commercial!

mentche 6 days ago 3
Utterly adorable. My favourite ad, and blooper reel too! Thanks VW and your ad team.

marttube27 6 days ago
How is this "the making of"?

maxter480 6 days ago
Awesome Cant get enough of the final cut....thanks for sharing VW

dirtyfrank1976 6 days ago
hahaha i love the ending hands in the air aaahh finally success

chillyz112 6 days ago
I love it!!!

JustHenryThe8th 6 days ago
this is not the sandwich I'm looking for

br1nbane 6 days ago 165
@br1nbane omg where s the jill sandwich?!?

DerMaikster93 6 days ago
oh man I'm gonna pee my pants - to the creative geniuses behind these videos... May the force be with you!

br1nbane 6 days ago
This commercial is flawed. That kid's parents are loaded. People that rich NEVER get a Passat, unless its for their spoiled daughter

captainkunty 6 days ago
@captainkunty They really didn't look THAT rich. It was showing a normal home. Plus, even if they were showing someone really loaded it'd be good advertising cause they're trying to make the car look luxurious.

Tannerita 4 days ago
the ending! XDDDDD HA  HA HA!

Shoumaniac 6 days ago 2
all hail mini darth vader!

Nikola021 6 days ago 5
this is so much funnier!!

jadetiger88888 6 days ago
love the commercial and the bloopers

neeadote1 6 days ago
Why didn't they use the clip of the roomba going behind him in the real commercial. That part is cute.

NickScalan 6 days ago
Just when I was ALMOST tired of watching the original. That... was awesome.

jbc455 6 days ago
XD funny

MRWojoPL 6 days ago
@Sunthaz and wagen means car, plz dont teach me german.

DrFsdasD 6 days ago
I didn't get the ending. :| seriously.

Couzenheiro 6 days ago 3
@Couzenheiro Are you dumb? They're bowing down to him as if he's an emperor lol

SmokiSounds 6 days ago
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RaynardES 6 days ago
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RaynardES 6 days ago
how was that "the making of"?

SmoshedJeff 6 days ago
Wow there is a QuickTech joystick from 90s.

d1bZZZ 6 days ago
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SarcasticCyborg 6 days ago

fuwhatelse 6 days ago
man i couldn't stop laughing XD

hawkofdeception 6 days ago
This is really great!

My wife and i are still laughing.

The little Darth could have been our son :-)

Ehrhoff5 6 days ago
This spot is very very fanny! the children is Fantastic!!!! :-)

giomipower 6 days ago
I did not catch the meaning!

Alextube1977 6 days ago
Nice room! 0:23

gabriel150795 6 days ago
I sense the force is strong in this one!

Bachanboy 6 days ago
His mommy and his father bow ( SOOOOOOOOOOO FUnnYYYYYY )

ALEX69177 6 days ago
at 0:26 you can see that its actually working, but little helmet did not see.

nektaone 6 days ago
@nektaone Lord Helmet Little? :D

BrommaHerman 6 days ago

benannt nach lord helmchen aus spaceballs :)

nektaone 6 days ago

in german spaceballs, thesmall darth vader iscalled "lord helmchen" "helm" is the german tancelation for helmet. and "helmchen" is a sweet tiny descrition for helmet ore a little helmet.. ;)

so i said lord little helmet

nektaone 6 days ago
i heard that this is the upcomming commercial for germany and europe.!!!!

nektaone 6 days ago
practise is everything

nektaone 6 days ago
at 0:45 sorry im on a mission, no time to say hello

nektaone 6 days ago 2
this is awesome realy. when he kicks the washmashine, ore the dog is walking over at him, soooooo funny.

nektaone 6 days ago
I'm really suprised the Libs haven't said much about him throwing the girl doll at the end...using the Force obviously to crush the rebellion of his sisters toys.

NeilLB7 6 days ago
@NeilLB7 Sadly, I'm not surprised that some idiot felt the need to turn a cool commercial into retarded polital commentary.

KateiSolo 6 days ago
@KateiSolo Even more sad is you're probably the LIB who was thinking what I said...but were cut short by my superior thinking and fast reflexes...and then felt the need to make your comment to recover yourself. What's worse is that this isn't even the "cool commercial"...but rather...outtakes. Which is why we see the doll throwing HERE and not in the commercial...because of what I said. Didn't want to offend anyone. Did I offend you?

NeilLB7 3 days ago
@NeilLB7 Stupidity always offends me and it looks like you went above and beyond this round. Next time, save the claims of superior thinking and fast reflexes for those who are correct and take less than 3 days to respond. Thanks in advance.

KateiSolo 3 days ago
@KateiSolo Libs mistake correctness with stupidity all the time, ie: political correctness. But you'll be OK. And you're incoherent. I'm supposed to save my correct comments for those who are "correct"...versus those who are incorrect? Clearly, it is you who is mistaken... about a great many thingssss (quoting the Emperor in Return of the Jedi). PS: Do you always seek out comments you don't like and badger the author to no end?

NeilLB7 2 days ago
@NeilLB7 Yeah, Palpatine had it all figured out, just like you. LOL! Assuming that I had some kind of problem with the baby scene was what you were incorrect about, for starters. But far be it from me to attempt to clear up any misconceptions for someone who is determined to be right regardless of reality. And no, I don't usually do this. Thanks for reminding me why.

KateiSolo 2 days ago
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yukiodaikuara 6 days ago
This is more amusing than the commercial itself.

TheQuinch 6 days ago

Best part....

MHGenesis 6 days ago
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kreich 6 days ago
this lil guy is LEGEN.. wait for it... DARY :D

markoj333 6 days ago 5
Try Pagani if u wanna throw that volks from HiLL !!!!

userbadshah 6 days ago
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ManoharBoss 6 days ago
This stuff is weak.

ImperialArmour 6 days ago
haha very amusing.

oliverracer 6 days ago
May the Volks be with you !

abroad526 6 days ago 131
@abroad526 btw volk means Wolf on russian ^^

DrFsdasD 6 days ago
@DrFsdasD and in German "Volk" means "people"!

Sunthaz 6 days ago
@Sunthaz ...That is 'People's Car' ...So good name!

Thanks tell me German word (^0^)

abroad526 5 days ago
@DrFsdasD ...It means "May the 'Wolf' be with you!" !?

Nooooooooo! (like Luke) \(^^)/ It's terrible

Thanks tell me Russian word (-_^)b

abroad526 5 days ago

tell it to Mubarak


samuelyeah 6 days ago
@samuelyeah Also Kan (- -#)!

>not 'Oliver Kahn'.I do like him. I mean 'Naoto Kan'

abroad526 5 days ago
This one is hilarious!!! I like it!

RMAREIDOOM 6 days ago
I love his little 'wind-up' before he uses the Force, and at the end when he makes the fists in the air and his parents are doing the 'I'm not worthy!' pose for him! So cute! Thanks for sharing!

hpmgew 6 days ago
I think the ending with him looking at his hands on disbelieve, and his parents giving him confidence with the "we are not worthy" would've be a better ending.

ysraelc1 6 days ago
mto legal

VW eh d+

Pseudonickk 6 days ago
That Roomba is dope!

feierei300 6 days ago
Lord Darth Vader is displeased with your toast-making skills!

gjms 6 days ago 5
lmao @ roomba vacuum in the bg

gwkimmy 6 days ago
Hahahahhahahahahahaha OMFG!

But in the end, The little Vader is the champion ;D

SaintAsmodeus 6 days ago
The parents = Win.

RoyalCaoCao 6 days ago
I will bow down to this little guy too, just like his parent did at the end.....

airr916 6 days ago 3
Love when he walks right by his pop.... pure gold!

BigFunPodge 6 days ago
Its too cool

Krisdramaster 6 days ago

muito massa darth vader

jannyowhat 6 days ago
THE DOG!!!! ahahaaahahaahaaaa!!!

swordphish007 1 week ago
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swordphish007 1 week ago
1:03 He made it!! He finally made IT!!!!!

Payuk 1 week ago
I love it!

isnilk 1 week ago

fenix20rl 1 week ago
Very cute

MetalGearMeg 1 week ago
Priceless! The ending is CLASSIC!!!

Kuhnaydeein 1 week ago
The other one is better

stevencarrier74 1 week ago
lmao amazing 0:45 no one high fives darth vader!!

DK505x 1 week ago
i wonder how his sister might feel for throwing her doll

antqcao433 1 week ago
The other version where you saw that he started the car is better. This one's drawn out for no apparent reason.

verbals 1 week ago
@verbals well if you could read, which im guessing you cannot, you would see that it says "The Making of "The Force" Commercial", not the Volkswagen commercial from the super bowl.

cboatright8 1 week ago

ismackLiLkids 1 week ago
AHHH this is so GREAT :)

regretgettingcaught 1 week ago

taamiiaa 1 week ago
the parents bowing down "we're not worthy" :P

Ibelin54 1 week ago
74 People have shields that cannot repel cuteness of this magnitude.

MikeEggleston 1 week ago
I don't get it. What did he do to the car?!

whmozart 1 week ago
@whmozart search for the original superbowl Volkswagen commercial

dracowar 1 week ago
@whmozart they cut out that part for some reason. The dad has the auto start and he just turned it on

KameronFx 1 week ago
Whoa! He actually lifted the baby!!! oh my gosh!

TheJustincase4 1 week ago
dog scene was the best one

DrFsdasD 1 week ago
They should have put that as the original

TheJustincase4 1 week ago 73
They just wanted an other video that ll make millions of views.. Oh VW you want moeny even from Youtube, just sell cars and leave Youtube for Poor (US)

massihulu 1 week ago
This is a commercial in itself.

UGuestsProductions 1 week ago
mas traumada con este video no puedo estar hahaha es adorable!!!

SweetKrazy810 1 week ago
@SweetKrazy810 yo desde que lo vi por primera vez en el SB, lo he visto por lo menos una vez al dia!!!

34soto 1 week ago
They should have left the cleaning droid in.

RustyBrainpan1 1 week ago
hhaha the parents

ilikeitiloveit19 1 week ago
I love when he kicked the washer/dryer. So.Freaking.Adorable.

tillyweaver 1 week ago
Lol that's what's up little man!

MrBen40689 1 week ago
awwwwwwwwwwwww the was cute ><

TheKoookies 1 week ago
muito criativo! muito bom!

putao83 1 week ago

MrMichaelroxursox 1 week ago
Check out "Nasdaq Techno" video if you enjoy technology songs, this kid is good.

crizeremusic 1 week ago
Just when I thought I couldn't love this commercial any!

lemoncurry9 1 week ago

widetireranger 1 week ago
So cool!

exchangescompany 1 week ago
star wars is ghey

HellsArmy360 1 week ago

AJCHLeon 1 week ago
Love that commercial

4tehlulzItwas 1 week ago
That is so cute !

Gaminggod400 1 week ago 37
I have a feeling volkswagen is going to try and milk this thing too much...end it here and move on. Trust me.

-Marketing Major

sber55 1 week ago
@sber55 Are you familiar with the comedy stylings of Bill Hicks?

xspondeex 1 week ago

kris9071 1 week ago

JRJR82809 1 week ago
It is lovely.

It is wonderful CM.

appsyokosuka 1 week ago
this is so funny

Tlaminks 1 week ago
It is very wonderful CM. It is lovely.

appsyokosuka 1 week ago
nyahaha!!!! vdub here.luv d kid.lmao

lipzkieboiii10 1 week ago
Soooooooooooooo freaking cute:)

Beachbaybe245 1 week ago
@mrmillsap no its a boy! they revealed him on tv

lalacabbage5 1 week ago
This kid needs his own movie! Love it!

vinnytheterp 1 week ago
fake scenes

nswrth 1 week ago
I was gonna buy a Volkswagen but then they wasted one minute of my life making me watch this thinking it was a "making of"!

noyearold 1 week ago
So he had to fake no having force powers for the real commercial... i see...

Nasoj0Tnek 1 week ago
Wouldn't this just be..outtakes?

xxxKeyToTheLight 1 week ago
in this video they also put in the scene that were not included in original commercial.

alihammadshah 1 week ago
Hey I just wanted to say that Im a big fan of your vids and you have inspired me to make my own web series, so thanks and the rest of you guys can check out the first 4 episodes of my show on my channel and drop me some feedback good or bad :)

midprod 1 week ago
More like bloopers...

CB4toJO 1 week ago
I love to design things and i would love it if you cheeked out my channel for my design tips!

austinwarrendesign 1 week ago
and them 69 people...just got the death grip from Lord Vader's child

RidethewindOfWoW 1 week ago
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wzz 1 week ago
* best

cristygreene 1 week ago
The cutest and bedt commercial from super bowl!

cristygreene 1 week ago

wzz 1 week ago
This is the best one yet

maddmanner 1 week ago

mimimarcus 1 week ago
@mimimarcus  Hes wearing a mask :P

zylexity 1 week ago
@mimimarcus a girl plays the part.

mrmillsap 1 week ago
@mrmillsap It's not a girl, it's a boy. He has a pacemaker. Saw him on TV.

MicheMoshMash 1 week ago
Most adorable kid ever...

SuperCoDMasta 1 week ago
very very creative...good work and well done

frankietee147 1 week ago
Yes it is funny!

Bigjerry911 1 week ago
Keep those commercials coming,

morphisblazin 1 week ago
como já tinha falado, ccaa perdeu!!!

leandro100 1 week ago
haha mini Vader face plant

damiller11 1 week ago
Cool kid hahaha!

Bigjerry911 1 week ago
Dude that's a real little kid

pageltharpe 1 week ago
personally i didnt like this commercial, i dont see why everyones making such a big commotion out of it

xLilPuddinTater 1 week ago
@xLilPuddinTater I know, it doesn't have anything to do with promoting the car, which its supposed to be the point of it... but still, its pretty funny dont you think?

danielmansot 1 week ago
hahaha, this kid is so cute

ledzeppelintsrts 1 week ago
I wouldn't be surprised if its a midget under that Darth Vader outfit

QnMtv 1 week ago
"Bloopers and deleted scenes from Volkswagen's "The Force" commercial." PEOPLE SHOULD READ MORE.

KayoCORE 1 week ago
Yoda Vader

byakuyabou 1 week ago
should called, "Alternate Scenes"

peterpoop 1 week ago 42

bradock1985 1 week ago
This is called deleted scenes not "The making of" . LOL FAILBLOG

tryhardthrill 1 week ago
Is this the cutest thing or what?

RDJim 1 week ago
The funniest part of this is that the parents thought they turned on the car.

oStealthyy 1 week ago
deleted scenes IS NOT "making of"

djbignose 1 week ago
I think the mean shots of?

SergeantDavis24 1 week ago
this is not "the making of", but is still pretty cool!!!

CitizenofTh3world 1 week ago
Lmao at 45:00

XxATMachinexX 1 week ago
yea right.............

brigizord 1 week ago
This is more like a second version of the commercial.

kiodmais 1 week ago
I like 1:00... but its just like a more detailed version to the original one....

samathakhandball 1 week ago
yeah but the making of would have been boring.. the deleted takes were better :)

Zodiak34 1 week ago
This will make people buy VWs ?

max9upgrade 1 week ago

scrapdogs7 1 week ago
=) ... Cute

SuRuiva 1 week ago
lol this is not a making of, this looks like bloopers or cut scenes

KevinSairoredjo 1 week ago
just excellent

Akhara 1 week ago
They should've added the bowing down part

Papzotic 1 week ago

mikeyh32 1 week ago
this was AWESOME

pspabiel9 1 week ago
Ganz lustig!

blogbat 1 week ago

SPARTAN1835 1 week ago
@SPARTAN1835 I hate you

Scottishboy614 1 week ago
lol making of not other clips of

8soccer4life8 1 week ago
Deleted scenes OR Making of???

atheistonly 1 week ago
Ele é muito lindo, que coisa mais fofa!!

Carla9642 1 week ago
What the heck is this?? Doesn't VW know what "the making of" actually means???

yt190 1 week ago 77
@yt190 they are german ... what did you expect ???

Trisnice 1 week ago
@yt190 hmmm.. they are German...ofc they dont... i think they wanted to say " bloopers and deleted scenes" :/

zmajjbt 1 week ago
@yt190 you know a description is available UNDER VIDEO

mrsquirelmonkey 1 week ago
Speechless !!

Better this version of the ad, than other one aired at SB game. HQ= 4.7 of 5

Ananiaselinmigrante 1 week ago
more like the whole thing?

Have you ever seen better hands? And I love it when he falls by the dryer. Love this video.

flygal46 1 week ago
Every time George lucas throat wobbles you hear "cha ching!"

yujabes 1 week ago
mt bom

kakashitaz 1 week ago
Thumbs up if you think MY version is WAY better!

SarcasticCyborg 1 week ago
Hahaha... this is better than the original!

AllTimeIsRelative 1 week ago
this is better than the actual commercial

MrKilluminati01 1 week ago
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miligre55 1 week ago
@luisacre89 says bloopers

eric212073 1 week ago
This is a rip off of my Darth Vader video!

SarcasticCyborg 1 week ago
wtf this wasnt the original one shown in the superbowl

luisacer89 1 week ago
The force is strong with this one

026april 1 week ago
how is this the making of

CoDisafishy 1 week ago 75
@CoDisafishy "Bloopers and deleted scenes from Volkswagen's "The Force" commercial." So not a making-of. Dunno why they titled it the making of.

dragonman0000001 1 week ago
@CoDisafishy they are German...ofc they dont... i think they wanted to say " bloopers and deleted scenes" :/

zmajjbt 1 week ago
ma che stronzata, che insulto!

Fabiko 1 week ago
@miss19001 because Justin Bieber is the benchmark for garbage

sweiland75 1 week ago
i think that justin bieber gonne be next chuck norris isnt he;;.???

avnIshe 1 week ago
@avnIshe Yeah if everybody keeping talking about him... Even if the thing is stupid, just forget about that kid (all of you). Please! Talk about 'Tolstoy' instead. =)

brunofelix20 1 week ago
how u save the vid to your computer?

scavanger96 1 week ago
@scavanger96 google: youtube downloader and download it. the rest should be easy

HadmeatHellox 1 week ago

MrZigandZag 1 week ago
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wa27roach 1 week ago
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illustrativeGaming 1 week ago
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kevin15664 1 week ago 2
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illustrativeGaming 1 week ago

FishesWithStaplers 1 week ago
hahaha thats so funny hahaha

pierre030306 1 week ago
I enjoy pandas.

WinterInJapan 1 week ago
Ахренительная реклама!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LexSochi 1 week ago
Hes like look I dont want the sandwhich

cstakzmoney 1 week ago
thumps down if you disagree

deezinet 1 week ago
wow, here comes the remixes as people mix this lot gets mixed with the original! Let the creativity be with you!

1050ccTriumph 1 week ago
In my opinion, this wasnt any where near the best one. It was meh.

LuckyPickle46 1 week ago
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lucky21708 1 week ago
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wa27roach 1 week ago
that wasn't really a "making of" video... oh well, the kid was still cute as ever

wakkawakka2demo 1 week ago
I wonder if Darth Vader ever tripped over his cloak.


joeking88 1 week ago
@carz51 You failed both times on that comment. I think you need to put your helmet back on now little buddy.

nativoamericano89 1 week ago
@nativoamericano89 LMFAO... that's hilarious man, poor guy was too excited that the car turned on!

jsullivan05 1 week ago
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DjShane1995 1 week ago
They should have added the parent bit to the actual ad, them bowing down to his greatness.

Kassandra0027 1 week ago 33
Haha great stuff!!!

chesse147 1 week ago
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MrArpas123 1 week ago
So cute

lindaisabella12 1 week ago
como as pessoas que comentam aqui são babacas!!! um comercial massa desses e esses jecas falando mal. Vão pro inferno!

sil99bio 1 week ago

bulllder 1 week ago
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wa27roach 1 week ago
The parents bowing from the window should have made the final cut.

braccili1 1 week ago 2
no its not

spate373 1 week ago
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djBarelylegal 1 week ago

SuperSmatrix 1 week ago
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VasOriginals 1 week ago
So, who moved the doll at at the end? O_o

muziquecole 1 week ago
Me like

RurouniCjuro 1 week ago
I hate those people who says "Thumbs up if you agree." Thumbs up if you agree.

darksageification 1 week ago 117
@darksageification why do you hate it when people say "thumbs up if you agree"?

connswee 1 week ago
@darksageification AMEN

Freshyest 1 week ago
I like the ending where the doll goes up in the air they should have left that in!!! LOL

noyehjeff1 1 week ago
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Mafiaking738 1 week ago
I prefer what they went with. Though I do appreciate this "deleted scenes/alternate ending" video.

banditkade 1 week ago
Que lindo!

minita192 1 week ago
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MeegzIsCool 1 week ago
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TakashiAshi 1 week ago
Haha so much win!

necrocarnal 1 week ago
too bad that wasnt the making of it

mikeyg3733 1 week ago

mishhhstaMark 1 week ago 121
@mishhhstaMark o so sorry mishhhstaMark that your blind because thats your room

Love4Theater 1 week ago
@mishhhstaMark Ahahahahahhahahaha...Volkswago­n rented it out.

muziquecole 1 week ago
@mishhhstaMark hahahahhahahha nice one hahahaha

avnIshe 1 week ago
@zorox62 .... Shut up....

TobaRangerFogo 1 week ago
I didn't understand...

Could someonde explain it ?

eumesmocaramba 1 week ago
Why does his room is all pink carpet and bold head baby?

Never heard of boys play with baby dolls before.

findcodex 1 week ago
the kid who's darth vader has heart defects!!!! It's true it was on the news and the kid siad it himself

iluvharrypotter97 1 week ago
not really a "making of" ...more of "extended car commercial for cheap vehicles made in mexico"

vismund9 1 week ago

made in mexico... i lol'd

vagnar1988 1 week ago

tsalgus 1 week ago
@JackyX91 It's a little kid smart one!

Firebolt5678 1 week ago
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EVILWEEVIL02 1 week ago
I'm so on the dark side now after this commercial!

psychoukoh 1 week ago
i bought a volkswagen just for this add

roydavcast 1 week ago
thats a midget in a costume xD

jackyX91 1 week ago
that kid is Made for life now =)

ADCVirgo 1 week ago
the best part was when the parents bowed down for him!!a very cool commercial though

bestman20000 1 week ago
It's not gay, it's cute and it's funny

kmaenomat 1 week ago
The best scene of the entire ad - him following the dog - is equally awesome the other way around.

BrommaHerman 1 week ago

jakf101 1 week ago
Volkswagen is becoming cool.....Like it !

Ichydakilla 1 week ago
@Ichydakilla Volkswagen has always been cool.

Mashado 1 week ago
oh man they killin me with this! hahhahha!

hildre100 1 week ago
did he died ?

mario8401 1 week ago
@storm071970 wow really? go get a life.

flashash2k9 1 week ago
La caña de la W

38richy 1 week ago
The force with young Vader strong is!

matahiawata 1 week ago
i want that washing machine!

oOOpIIIqOOo 1 week ago
Mais legal ainda!!

Ótimo ator! rsrs!!

AlaianaMonteiro 1 week ago
Yea it seems cute at first, just because it's a car. Now is the car but later he's gonna control the WORLD!!!

MrHispanic365 1 week ago

GlennBeckFTWin 1 week ago
The force isn't strong enough to stop all these spammers ...

johnminh01 1 week ago

SirJazz 1 week ago
lol when he kicks the dryer out of frustration!!!! :)

rlb95376 1 week ago
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MrZigandZag 1 week ago
I luv da end so cute of a commercial

tweetylova1231 1 week ago
the force is stronger than the actual commercial...

He must of lost his power :(

GraveDigger25th1 1 week ago
so cute!

suntanners 1 week ago
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kaydeee105 1 week ago
he'll probably choke a classmate in a near future. good times.

LoserProdutcions 1 week ago
Make a series with this kid VolksWagen. I'd watch it!

gangsterintheblock 1 week ago
is this a new movie?

IksyNC 1 week ago

cooper119able 1 week ago
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shahruuk 1 week ago
His mitochondrian count must be through the roof!!!!!

mssafari10 1 week ago
The force is strong in this music

tracks41 1 week ago
40 people hate star wars... including me, but that doesnt give them any reason to dislike this

CaseyMM12 1 week ago
Volkswagen I am not your father!

tracks41 1 week ago
I think the actual ad was better than this!

tracks41 1 week ago
@tracks41 hence why these were cut out. They aren't called deleted scenes for nothing mate.

T3hPapaBear 1 week ago
@T3hPapaBear Are you trying to patronise me?!

tracks41 1 week ago
@T3hPapaBear Exactly I'm saying that the ad was better because they took these scenes out. Can you not see that??