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Manchester united - Manchester city Goal Rooney 2:1 (12.02.2011)

Manchester united - Manchester city Goal Rooney 2:1 (12.02.2011)
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Elderscrolls333 1 minute ago
never expected rooney score goals

665malek 46 seconds ago
Rooney is back to his best!!He can't stop scoring!!!!

Come510 53 seconds ago
Man United goals were both class.. Man city goal was pure luck.

MegaJxD1 47 seconds ago
wayne rooney is so cool - check our vids as well !

clips4all 21 seconds ago

SalvadorianSM 1 minute ago
Nice goal.

Ridhwan51 24 seconds ago
Great Chilena of Rooney . Football is a passion . American Football is a busssines.

mivankov 44 seconds ago
beautiful goal!

panchyhg 22 seconds ago
Hahahahaha fuck all the haters, bow down to the greatest club in the world! Form is temporary, class is permanent ! :D

Pinturita69 7 seconds ago
@vsvishalsingh289 hes good looking than u asshole..

deatheater0000000007 16 seconds ago
okay i know everyone must be sick of this by now, but HOW COULD ANYONE F**KING DISLIKE THIS!?!?

gumball960 1 minute ago
''Perhaps Wanye Rooney's Finest Hour''

92theredsox 1 minute ago
Amazing! I watched this game when it aired on tv and I was almost going to turn the channel when this happened. So glad I caught this, because it's crazy good!

BalladBreaker13 47 seconds ago
Go check that one again you shit head.

tairanhq 58 seconds ago
...And then comes Vidić and say : Bravo son,one day you ll be a star just like me :D

GJ Rooney for real...this is why you have 98 rate on PES

piroman90zonki 8 seconds ago
nice check my vidz ...

ChinBallss 8 seconds ago
i hate his ugly face , who the helll he is? fuck this payer and football

vsvishalsingh289 25 seconds ago
@esteway41 im saying they whine less in soccer/football compared to im on your side... :/

stephen2767 23 seconds ago
@tairanhq retard.....

macsd92 12 seconds ago
Mr goooool

Eltexanodel8 23 seconds ago
Shinned it!!!

panus23 19 seconds ago
@tairanhq fuck u

SuperVivek9999 53 seconds ago
@tairanhq f*ck u

SuperVivek9999 40 seconds ago
Manchester United, you such and all of you foot ball fan boys faggots go suck someone else's dick. Try U.F.C or something cause you really look like you can do one of those ladies jobs. HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tairanhq 55 seconds ago
@stephen2767 dude, its your fucking ankles, go hit them with cleats see how that feels, your sprinting down the field and someone takes out your legs?! you go flying!! its physics.

esteway41 1 minute ago
like malaysia traditional game sepak takraw

SuperPidot 14 seconds ago
The goalie's thinking: "What the F**K?!"

dosipong 9 seconds ago
rooney's flash kick and u got a sonic boom goal

tyteotin 1 minute ago
That's why the only place where they are still playing real football is Britain!

ErnieCosmo 4 seconds ago
football/soccer and american football are two very different sports. both good in there own ways.

j86u 55 seconds ago
@DeStRvCt10N Soccer is the only sport that is played in every country in the world. So stop bitch and learn more about a sport instead of posting up dumb ass comments that make and prove you are a complete moron.

xxCSR1415xx 49 seconds ago
i dont get it. why are his team mates not going crazy? berbatov is just raises his hands like hes fe up, schools is making a fit and everyone just look like, wtf. if i were there id be rushing towards him. that was crazy

esteway41 2 seconds ago
@DeStRvCt10N Well I am American, and Im actually tired of Idiot Americans who dont know anything about sports like you. Im also tired how stupid Americans think American Football is a man sport when they were pads from head to toe. I dont consider American Football a sport if it takes 4 hours to finish a 1 hour game. You actually make yourself look stupid when you ask for thumbs up when you clearly know nothing about soccer. If you think Europeans are the only ones who play then you are pathetic

xxCSR1415xx 20 seconds ago
Man, that's so fucking awesome.

KrazyShrink 7 seconds ago
Rugby union is much more fun than footbal and American football.

GOOONIES23 26 seconds ago
lucky me i saw this football game amazing goal ;)

c00lbr4 12 seconds ago
Rooney gets hate all the time. now everyone loves him  mmmmmm....

stevenalvaradoCR 31 seconds ago
This is why soccer is a sport because believe it or not skill is needed to win.

SAINTS975 14 seconds ago
How beautifully awesome!

belovedmusicgrl 17 seconds ago
im happy for him he has been getting lot of shit for quite some time...maybe this will silence som assholes for at least 2 or 3 days

Caraecrika 28 seconds ago
Let me guess, everyone in the comments fighting over football and american football, well guess what, football/soccer is and will always be the #1 sport in the world period

you want proof? ask the rest of the world :D

xXFL4WL3Ss 8 seconds ago
did i just see that!!!!! O_O

justpink109 1 minute ago
@Spfourl Hey, 45 min straight with no commercials. That's one thing soccer beats American football in.

dclaver2 1 minute ago
wtf never in ma life have i seen rooney score a goal like this.

good shit WOW.! :D

BladyBoo94 39 seconds ago
what the fuck just happened?

that is the coolest fucking thing ive seen come out of england

Metal404Head 30 seconds ago
argh City please win united even once!

Th3Juic3 12 seconds ago
Guys guys. Football and Soccer are both great so just STFU.

OutlawExs 16 seconds ago
What a sav.

theobscenejellybean1 15 seconds ago

musalmansaif 12 seconds ago
That was an OrGasm party!!

TheManarpaac 50 seconds ago
Great pass from Nani + great finish from Rooney = EPIC!

dnaa69 8 seconds ago
@itwillbealright what the FUCK do u know about about FOOTBALL stupid AMERICAN

2010BenzCL63 10 seconds ago
@BIGGGY305 they wine when a tiny thing happens to their ankles...

stephen2767 28 seconds ago
@itwillbealright i dont give a fuck u fucking NERD its called FOOTBALL now present FAGGOT lol

2010BenzCL63 22 seconds ago
@alan0216 fuck you a**hole.. if thats your view on this then you are a f***ing moron who knows nothing about soccer..

aaaoo79 23 seconds ago
@Spfourl Just because people run for longer periods of time does not mean athletes put any less heart have any less will or passion for what they do. Respect each for what it is.

itwillbealright 1 minute ago
@2010BenzCL63 You do realize that it was originally called "Soccer" by the people that invented the game, the English. Who CARES about the name anyway?

itwillbealright 55 seconds ago
@themoelester24 Disagree. They're about the same. Just the cultures are different.

itwillbealright 1 sec ago
mancini : shit, thats it i give up football..

deatheater0000000007 33 seconds ago
90% luck 10% skill. Hate the Ogre and hate United. NOthing City could do.

alan0216 36 seconds ago
@Spouri You're sitting on your computer and trying to tell (change opinions?) the world how "SAWKER SUCKS!!"? Yeah, you're very mature. Do you have some unrelenting fear towards "Sawker"?

Well if you really, really, hate "Sawker" then you'll get a kick out of this fact: "Sawker" will be the one of the biggest sports in America by 2030. Suck on that. Now end of story.

MMAmachinhead92 3 seconds ago
@themoelester24 no comparison, this is a real football stadium my friend.

shahpeyman 22 seconds ago
@stephen2767 you sure cuz ive never seen them cry bitch or moan once. 

BIGGGY305 1 minute ago
@themoelester24 this is FOOTBALL faggot NOT sucker brainwash bitch

2010BenzCL63 1 minute ago
one word: amazing

and this is coming from someone who hates this little fucker lol

that was otherworldly

LgFaver 53 seconds ago
1:24 why do they get awesome racer seats?!?! i want one

Minjaykee 15 seconds ago
@IKevinTubeYou just making a point fuck face

razzo086 22 seconds ago
i think that a soccer stadium's atmosphere is better than a football's stadiums.


themoelester24 5 seconds ago
Woot Woot I love soccer!

MissBFrog101 20 seconds ago
Yeah Rooney shoved this Deep Balotelli's throat for talking shit

Take that for talking outta ass your Mario Balotelli

Learn from King ROO

UnitedJH14 12 seconds ago

haha you want to start war here ,

yusufx6x 10 seconds ago
@DeStRvCt10N hey ass clown your trying to get support for football where half the game is dictated by flags and made up pass interference calls and the other half there standing around in a huddle and running a 5 second long play at the the max..stop trying to compare them there two different sports

1091scott 1 sec ago
@razzo086 your doing it right now fag

IKevinTubeYou 4 seconds ago
@creaper162 this is Real Football soccer is just a stupid name in america

garre20 9 seconds ago
@BIGGGY305 they do just as much in basketball haha

stephen2767 7 seconds ago
@Spfourl lol well not a fatass but your "runners" as in running backs and wide receivers could never take the endurance that soccer requires, and they only seem to be real fast because the rest of the players are huge guys that can't even run 100 yards down the field

cachorastaman 55 seconds ago
This is why Football is the best sport in the world!!!!!!

vegeti10 41 seconds ago
@creaper162 This is football not 'SOCCER' call it by its original name plz.

IKevinTubeYou 33 seconds ago
Beautiful goal!

Here in southamerica this kind of kick receive the name of "chilena"

gonycilo 3 seconds ago
thumbs up if your sick of ppl asking for thumbs, u will be forever remembered for being the guy on youtube who had the most thumbs up for half an hour, oh what a life

razzo086 22 seconds ago
@creaper162 so pretty much thumbs up if you're a pussy...okay

ATGhasaposse 9 seconds ago
im a city fan but damn, that was a hell of a goal. great pass from nani as well.

B0CAJUNI0RS1995 25 seconds ago
@cachorastaman lol you calling randy moss a fat-ass? LOLOLOL

Spfourl 12 seconds ago
@DeStRvCt10N Like +10000000 Watch how none of them are going to respond to you

Spfourl 14 seconds ago

1091scott 1 sec ago
@DeStRvCt10N lol ive never heard anyone say american football is for women, but i have heard that its an AMERICAN sport cause its a sport for fat people XD, and no soccer isn't a game were half the time is spent in injuries, the average game has 4-5 minutes of lost time, and that time is compensated, your football stops the clock all the time cause of injuries, and the only player that walks for those 90 minutes in "soccer" is the goalie, and here is how it is soccer=athlete, football=fatass

cachorastaman 14 seconds ago

warrane99 9 seconds ago
now thats what you call a goal!!!!!!!!!

510Deco 9 seconds ago

warrane99 53 seconds ago

DjRoroK 5 seconds ago

TheAsianInvasion23 49 seconds ago
@creaper162 THUMBS UP if you think Soccer and Football are both different sports from similar roots that cannot reasonably be compared and that each should be respected for its own merits and enjoyed based upon personal preference. In addition, thumbs up if you think people that complain about one sport or the other are whiny, petty, and annoying losers that need to shut the hell up.

itwillbealright 17 seconds ago
@DeStRvCt10N no thumbs down this fag because he is asking for thumbs up

tdwpplaya 7 seconds ago
17 people support Manchester city !!

amyno12 59 seconds ago
damn, dont like rooney, but SICK-ASS GOL!!!!! GOLASSSO!!!

OTTEN2007 16 seconds ago
@pikiza they have fans? :P

DeFy18 13 seconds ago
THUMPBS UP if you're tired of europeans talking about how American Football is crappy and for women and that Soccer(a sport where half the game is players just tripping themselves and pretending to be hurt, otherwise known as cheating, to get an upper hand on the other team, and the other half is them just walking around kicking the ball) is so much greater and is for real athletes and men..

DeStRvCt10N 9 seconds ago
@MMAmachinhead92 If I disagree with with you than Im gay? Judging from your account name you are probobly 10 years old. So end of story.

Spfourl 41 seconds ago
people who dislike this goal are man city fans.

pikiza 18 seconds ago

cjabdallah 10 seconds ago
@Spfouri "Mate"? I'm not British or Australian, "mate". Guess what? I'm American and I say American Throwball has underlying homosexual tendencies masked in "TOUGHNESS!!". If you disagree with me then you're gay. So end of story.

MMAmachinhead92 1 sec ago

saktipunks 50 seconds ago
Rooney still sucks! Go Arsenal!!

Swagidy 34 seconds ago

SmashJ1989 58 seconds ago
MMA!! sooceR!! the besT! in worlD!


pussygod69 12 seconds ago
@Spfourl true...

pussygod69 11 seconds ago
@checkster12 It takes more will and heart to fight for 60 minutes than to just pass the ball in the middle all day and dive

Spfourl 27 seconds ago
@stephen2767 cry bitch and moan? i love football aka soccer but they cry bitch and moan more than any sport.

BIGGGY305 26 seconds ago
I'm a city fan but damn that was nice.

WMV8 20 seconds ago
@checkster12 Its more popular because of something you call "imperialism", you know?

Spfourl 18 seconds ago
@checkster12 mma is cool ! and sooccer 2 but sometimes i prefer mma and sometimes i prefer soccer :)

viva la mexico and chicharito hernandez stop kissing rooney on his lips XD

pussygod69 10 seconds ago
holy shit wooney

cRispYnUtZ13 56 seconds ago
@Spfourl dana white ass xD

pussygod69 53 seconds ago
@checkster12 I'm saying that his argument that American football is better because its more violent is stupid, and he should go watch more shit like MMA. There's a reason soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and there is a reason american football is so popular in America. They're both great sports. Don't just say that because football players smash into each other its a better sport.

checkster12 47 seconds ago
so if I put this on my channel can I get hundreds of thousands of views too!?!? :D

saosinpwns26 33 seconds ago
when owen just about to going in. poor him:p

setiapinsan 7 seconds ago
@MMAmachinhead92 Uhhhh wth are you talking about? Dry-humping, ass-slapping? Are those your fantasies "mate"?

Spfourl 21 seconds ago


pussygod69 10 seconds ago


ANGER097 8 seconds ago
@anger097 fuck cockwood u bitch asss scrappa

rivrplate88 4 seconds ago
@Spfourl lol america's other sport basketball, they cry, bitch and moan all the time...Not saying i like "soccer/football" but really, they are no saint

stephen2767 33 seconds ago
@checkster12 Who said anything bout UFC?

Spfourl 30 seconds ago
epic goal!!

Cocainel 26 seconds ago
@Spfouri Do you want me to go all day on how literally gay Throwball is? All that dry-humping and ass-slapping is VERY manly, eh?

MMAmachinhead92 9 seconds ago

ANGER097 34 seconds ago
@Spfourl Stupid....stupid people....

You're an idiot. Go watch more UFC.

checkster12 16 seconds ago
@creaper162 Fail.

Spfourl 49 seconds ago
if I was joe hart i would just walk off the field

killerE92 47 seconds ago

ANGER097 8 seconds ago
@buztone345 You're right. It takes a lot of heart to dive without being touched

Spfourl 16 seconds ago
se la comio chicharito

Rica342 8 seconds ago
@Spfourl Player*

Spfourl 23 seconds ago
america got to take some notes. these are countrys that have heart in every game and so do there athletes

buztone345 10 seconds ago
@3costarica3 Lol bueatiful game. American football is bueatiful, its where people play with injuries and battle each other like men. In this gay game a play falls and starts crying when nobody even touches him. LOLOL

Spfourl 9 seconds ago
Pulling this off in a real game shows an immense amount of luck and skill so great job

And to all you trolls I'd like to see you do this because it's damn near impossible in a real game

bunnyboey12 17 seconds ago
THUMBS UP if you think SOCCER is better than FOOTBALL:)

creaper162 1 sec ago
Chicharito is deffinately back in the bench

em1b20vtec89 22 seconds ago
HOLY SHIT... That was sexy:)

Noobpwner82 4 seconds ago
@steelix18 damn...u must be a sh*tty asian who watch korean soap drama and sob when the cat dies...damn!!!GET A LIFE U CRACK HEAD!!

surendonkey90 1 minute ago
i just came in my pants...

norcalLax03 1 minute ago
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austinwarrendesign 1 minute ago

ManuGygi 4 seconds ago
luar biasaaaaaaaaa

mrokiboyz 1 minute ago
jujujuju.. esa man es otro nivel... no como la caca del chicharito..

yen6130 1 minute ago

WinglessQ 44 seconds ago
@steelix18 WOW really you fucken moron. I went to your page and you are saying this is gay? haha you are on GAY IDOL and you claim this is gay.. haha man get a life you fag.

xxCSR1415xx 19 seconds ago
he kick the ball using his tibia.

Naver8940 4 seconds ago

phino120671 24 seconds ago
@steelix18 hey get a life man. If you are an American who actually thinks American Football, Basketball, and Baseball are sports then you must be a moron. The day you learn how to play a sport that is called "THE BEAUTIFUL SPORT", and that is played all around the world you can talk, but till then. stick to your boring ass sports that need no brains to play moron. Go hide behind your pussy pads.

xxCSR1415xx 24 seconds ago
@steelix18 nothing is more boring den ur korean shitty shit.

Guerillas182 22 seconds ago
I duno whether this will be goal of season.. but this definitely THE HAPPIEST GOAL SCORED IN DREAM THEATRE THIS SEASON.

gheehang 50 seconds ago
@steelix18 better than that asian sh*t you have on your channel...

guitarguy2596 18 seconds ago
I am reading and wondering where all you idiots come from, if you love football you must love this goal, like Rooney or not, what a golaso!!!! Playing city 1-1, 10 min left, in front of 75000 he did that!!!! Crazy... I loved it, it was worth getting up at 6,30 am sat morning,

supermishka 27 seconds ago
BORING!!! stupid shitty faggot sport....sub me

steelix18 12 seconds ago
Hey! Watch my new video of Wayne Rooney Overhead Goal kick. It is an amazing goal. The video already has over 400,000 views. The ball went so fast in the the goal! watch now!

thekiman272lovers 11 seconds ago
@Spfourl fuck you its called the bueatiful game for a reason go back to playing with a big stick and some stiched up balls

3costarica3 9 seconds ago
magaria ! ! ! ! ! !  HEY ! ! ! !

santana2me 1 minute ago
@GreenDhideftw2400 Well first of all Messi doesnt have to make goals like that to prove he is better. Second Wayne Rooney is great, but if you really want to compare him to Messi you failed with that stupid comment of yours. I love Rooney, but just because he made a goal any other professional can score doesnt make him better. Im sorry but only a complete moron would think scoring a goal like that makes him better than the best player in the world.

xxCSR1415xx 55 seconds ago
Omg he kicked a ball!!! This sport is gay........

Spfourl 5 seconds ago
Rooney in attack and Vidic in the back, and you can do anything...

desident 2 seconds ago
@FreddyFucktard you are a fucktard and gtfo thats more impressive than any shit in fucking field hockey and your to much of an arrogant dumbass to appreciate this amazing goal so go fuck yourself

kwheels513 10 seconds ago

3costarica3 22 seconds ago
@GreenDhideftw2400 i don't really like messi, but i dont see how him not doing a bicycle kick makes him a shit player

wyzar100 16 seconds ago
Nani Is The REAL Beast In Manchester United

danny1legend 11 seconds ago
@GreenDhideftw2400 your stupid like take basic grammar classes at least brother

chynovi 5 seconds ago
@jnsdeford Very awful, Rooney didn't play anywhere near as he did in this game.

iDrumsuccess 8 seconds ago
@TOManUtd1878 I dont see Rooney doing the things that Messi do lol

fidel1986 48 seconds ago
look at all em white heads in the crowd ROFTLMAO hahah

Pain5155 23 seconds ago
wait, if messi is the best....why doesnt he do this? Oh wait, the whole world is just biased towards FC fuckalona and lionel cunti. GGMU

GreenDhideftw2400 20 seconds ago
his celebration is something special. its basically saying to all the critics and pundits "i'm back"

MrE11even 18 seconds ago
How did England do in the world cup? Oops

jnsdeford 1 minute ago
SIMPLY AMAZING!! i LOVE ROONEY!!!!! MAN UNITED 4 EVER!! from ORegon fuck the haters !!!

BRDfrmthafiveotree 1 minute ago
Cristiano hasnt done that............

now whos the man!!!

BringTheSkills 47 seconds ago
@TOManUtd1878 i dont see rooney dribbiling 5 players and scoring a goal ?

Proffesionalable 13 seconds ago
the "stupid learn more a pro..." is damn annoying...

laisi85 4 seconds ago
hahah not so great goal there is normal players how could done that

the best is the GOD OF FOOTBALL R9 Ronaldo De lima the best player in the world

@TOManUtd1878 amazing goal but anyone will tell you messi has more skill. not only at scoring but influencing the outcomes of games.



Hey! Watch my new video of Wayne Rooney Overhead Goal kick. It is an amazing goal. The video already has over 400,000 views. The ball went so fast in the the goal! watch now!

Hey! Watch my new video of Wayne Rooney Overhead Goal kick. It is an amazing goal. The video already has over 400,000 views. The ball went so fast in the the goal! watch now!

@TOManUtd1878 Anyone can do that if they get the perfect pass!

@FreddyFucktard wow your name really says it all doesn't it?