Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Sealy Super Bowl After Glow Commercial

Couples enjoy all the benefits of the new Sealy Posturepedic.

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it was smart on sears part to not put nything (gay, interracial, or fat) people in this commercial....if that wouldve happened, all the bigots would be trying to boycott sears...im not racist, or homophobic. But do realize that there are idiots out there who really get offended about that kinda stuff.....-_-, most people on youtube who make racial/homophobic slurs are just trolls and should just be ignored

darkbluecat863 6 days ago 15
enough with the innuendo! we're not made of stone! show some real stuff! pretty please!

elmismo1966 1 week ago 8
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LOL, That's not why I criticise America... believe me, there is a lot more to criticise than that...

priceboy3 1 day ago
search_up_"Joe Terino Kesha"_that_dudes_HILARIOUS

thayerkke 1 day ago
anybody knows title of that tune?

64C88 1 day ago
Why the heck does every debate, and I mean EVERY debate involving sex, have to devolve into a flame war over who is a eff-aae-gee or a homophobe or a stupid American censor? Why do advertisement firms have to cater to every single possible combination of couple (note that most of the "other" combos are quite rare [well except the fat ones]), when ads are designed to be as "perfect" as possible to get people to buy their product? Why, in effect, I ask, is every troll from both sides so stupid?

GreyWolfLeaderTW 2 days ago

lol what is "spic-like"? Anyways, race is irrelevant & by bringing it up you just proved your idiocy. & the ambien thing was used in sarcasm (or maybe not). I meant it would be best if you overdosed on sleeping pills & rid society of your asininity. Or at the very least get a vasectomy, God knows we don't need more like you running around. Anyways I'm done here, this is getting lame. Cheers.

PHILLYHEAT215 2 days ago
@darkbluecat863 actually there is a couple of interracial couples in the commercial.

synthmusic 2 days ago
@PHILLYHEAT215 Mom bashing, you're good. Honestly.. you must be black or spic-like due to the lack of creativity, grammar, vocab.. and obviously completely non sentient. And people wonder why I'm racist. If you're not.. Oh man, I'll pray for whatever race that had to claim you. On that note.. you might actually want to look up what ambien is. ambien=/= productivity; disgrace of an insult.

AbyssalKitteh 2 days ago
@TurkishButcher I guess you are one of those monkeys on a typewriter trying to write shakespeare that everyone is talking about.

tobiasmaiermaus 2 days ago
@DelanoProfundo nope. they actually are daring enough to show loving couples in bed right after having sex. at what point is that intollerant?