Monday, 14 February 2011

Do Not Disconnect

In 2009, we shot a short film about a girl who tries to break out of a world where everyone is plugged into their headphones. A world with no interaction. A lot of people were excited about the concept of the film and volunteered their time to get the film made.

We're really disappointed that Motorola and the Anomaly New York ad agency have made their Super Bowl ad "Empower the People" with an identical concept.

The director of the film worked at an A-list commercial production company and was asked to pitch several treatments for short films, including this one. After the concepts were passed over, he funded the idea himself, which became the film Do Not Disconnect. Casting notices were posted on the internet, and the film has been submitted already to several film festivals. So the plot and concept have been floating around for two years.

Because we're not expecting any attribution from Motorola, all we're asking is that people please take a few minutes of their day to watch how this idea was first done.

Please share the link with others. We think you'll agree that our film takes this concept and turns it into a fun, heartfelt story.

Thank you,
Cast and Crew of Do Not Disconnect