Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Jim Beam - "Bold Choice" Movement

Life is full of choices.

This spot is has me thinking ART... and COPY united as one.

Prue Brilliance!!! Created by StrawberryFrog NYC

Willem Dafoe is the BOMB!!!

Jim Beam and StrawberryFrog make the most of Willem Dafoe's totem-pole-carving face in this "Bold Choice" spot by having him play nearly every character in it. The sumo-wrestler Dafoe is the stuff of screaming night terrors, but the rest of the ad is pretty good, although it's the poop-shoveling carny—and not any of the slick businessmen or snippy fashion designers—who's most likely to have experienced a life-changing decision involving Jim Beam. Folks in Milwaukee might also take exception to the commercial, based on the closing scene.

Nice ad!

But isn't it ironic that an ad with this message comes from a whiskey manufacturer!?

iWagn3r 10 hours ago
Any tool can go to NYC, that ain't a bold choice.

dysartd 11 hours ago
@therumas I initially thought the same thing, but Dafoe is actually from Milwaukee. The buses represent his personal story--he moved to New York from there.

mightykain 1 day ago
For those wondering about the Milwaukee reference, Dafoe grew up just outside of Milwaukee in Appleton. Then went to college in Milwaukee before dropping out to form Theatre X, and then moved to New York. The rest as they say, is history.

mightykain 1 day ago
if i'd been from milwaukee I would'nt be happy about this ad :)

therumas 1 day ago
maybe `cus he just fucking wanted to

zednan21 2 days ago
Nicely done.

mrsugarfoot 3 days ago
Maybe he got on the NYC bus because he HAD A FUCKN TICKET FOR IT

omms2007 4 days ago.