Thursday, 2 May 2013

AOL's Smart New Tactic to Win TV Ad Dollars

Tuesday April 30, 2013
Bonnier Sells Ski and Skiing, Magazines Bought as Part of 'Time 18'
Print Businesses Had Diminished
Ski and Skiing were part of the 18 magazines that Time Inc. sold in 2007, establishing Bonnier in the United States.
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AOL Fishes Where TV Dollars Are: Mediaocean
AOL is getting integrated into Mediaocean, the predominant software platform that agencies use to buy TV advertising.
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Hulu Touts New Shows, 4 Million Subscribers
Hulu showed off an ambitious schedule of original shows at its NewFront pitch on Tuesday, as well as metrics intended to demonstrate its competitiveness with other powerful platforms.
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It's Time for TV Networks to Guarantee Big Bundled Audiences, Quickly
If advertisers and agencies can't get reach from TV fast enough, without using too many spots and too much time, they will get it elsewhere.
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Fueled by Pay Wall, New York Times Passes USA Today for No. 2 Spot
USA Today does not charge for online access, relying entirely on advertising for digital revenue.
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Yahoo: Yes, We're Still a Media Company
Yahoo is trying to show there's room for media in Marissa Mayer's tech-focused Yahoo.
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