Saturday, 11 May 2013

A China Doll House called 'PASSION'.......


China Dolls in a Night Club in Beijing - called Passion

There was a very famous and very expensive night club called Passion"天上人间"in Beijing, recently it was forced to close due to Beijing government's determination to strike out sex corruption in China. But it was so funny that this bloody hell Passion Night Club had lasted for long long time.
You can see the top level and famous prostitutes and bar girls, waitresses in this club.  The expensive ones to provide sex service RMB10,000/time, the one called Cille, another one, called Didi, her price was RMB9029/time, the youngest one, she was only 17 years old, RMB8000/time. There was one, she could take 13 men/day, so she got a name called aunt 13. You will be surprised there were many prostitutes  graduated from foreign languages universities and other universities holding double degrees, could speak English, Korea, Japanese and other foreign languages.  In this night club there were 500 prostitutes, the basic requirement must be university graduate with at least 1.70 meter height, breasts must be 36" or 38" up, hip 36", there were thousands of young women's target to work in this club. A bottle of beer cost RMB500, a bottle of mineral water the cheapest one was RMB375.

Can you imagine? 

Damn it, is this money worth? Depends on your luck



She was only 17 years old

Aunt 13






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